Purple Comet

Purple Comet! Math Meet

Purple Comet! Math Meet

Contest Results

Spring 2012 Results

Middle School Mixed Teams

  • First Place(tie): WOLOLO (Rocky run Middle School), Keeping Beautiful (ZH Academy) with 20 out of 20 correct.
  • Third Place(tie): DOMIN-AZNS (Dunlap Valley), Philippines Team 1 (MTG Philippines), ICAE Math III (ICAE) with 19 out of 20 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to NM MATHCOUNTS STATE TEAM (NM MATHCOUNTS Team), G220A (Avid Academy for Gifted Youth), Colorado Galois 1 (Colorado Math Circle), Team CO Math Counts (Altona Middle School), Philippines Team 2 (MTG Philippines), SC Math Team (Dent Middle School), Asian Invasion (Shaker Jr. High School), Da Bomb Squad (Bergen County Acadmies), Pi Boys (The Dalton School), Double Rainbows (Sculley Academy), Surya Institute Math Circle 1 (Surya Institute), G210B (Avid Academy for Gifted Youth), G210C (Avid Academy for Gifted Youth), Prairie Broncos (Prairie Middle School), MCC (Jefferson Middle School)
Middle School 1-400
  • First Place(tie): ILC MS1 (Insightful Learning Center), Tiger 1 (Sc. Mihai Eminescu), Tiger 2 (Sc. Mihai Eminescu), Tiger 4 (Sc. Mihai Eminescu), Tiger 3 (Sc. Mihai Eminescu), 1 inci - 2000 (Kultur2000 College).
  • Honorable mentions go to Birchwood A (Birchwood School), SSA-Boy eagles (Sonoran Science Academy-NW), K2000- math (Kultur2000 College), NEST+m Team 1 (NEST+m), MI-6, Agents 002 (The Meadowbrook School Of Weston), CALCULATOR TEAM (diyarbakır doga primary school), PENTAGON (Scoala cu clasele I-VIII nr.5), FATIH KOLEJI - 8th Grade (OZEL SILIVRI FATIH ILKOGRETIM OKULU), Team Name (Home-Schooled), The MB-6, Agents 001 (The Meadowbrook School Of Weston), Davidson 1 (The Davidson Academy of Nevada), Terman (Terman Middle), Two Directions (MS 67), algebra team (diyarbakır doga primary school), Unreal Deal (Metro Christian Academy)
Middle School 401 and up
  • First Place(tie): MC1 (Kennedy), Problem? (Boulan Park Middle School), theaverageaopsers (Cupertino Middle School), Fluffy ЁЖИКИ (Diamond Middle school), Jameslinflyingsolo (McCall Middle School) with 20 out of 20 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to Furious Fattehs (Takoma Park Middle School), Holdrum Team 2 (Holdrum Middle School), Harmony School 1 (Harmony School of Excellence), YAMAN COCUKLAR 1 (OZEL YAMANLAR OZYURT ILKOGRETIM OKULU), YAMAN COCUKLAR 2 (OZEL YAMANLAR OZYURT ILKOGRETIM OKULU), YAMAN COCUKLAR 3 (OZEL YAMANLAR OZYURT ILKOGRETIM OKULU), YAMAN COCUKLAR 4 (OZEL YAMANLAR OZYURT ILKOGRETIM OKULU), Harvest Park B (Harvest Park Middle School), Blue=Purple (Longfellow Middle School), Jonas Clarke Middle School (Jonas Clarke Middle School), Light Yellow Comet (Quail Valley Academy), Happy B-Day Allen <3!!!one1!!! (Longfellow Middle School), the champions (NO. 3), Topkapi A (Doga Koleji - Topkapi), Topkapi C (Doğa Koleji - Topkapı), Plum Grove Purple ninja Narwalnuts (Plum Grove Junior High/MathTeacher), FROST TEAM #3 (Frost Middle School), kitkat (Horner Junior High), 5Hay6 (Haycock Elementary School), SMP Santa Laurensia (Santa Laurensia School), Topkapi B (Doğa Koleji - Topkapı), 4 AZN Nerds+ 1 DMB Blnd (Hyde Park Middle School), ece (Nedret İlhan Keten İlköğretim Okulu), JH Mathcats1 (Westminster JHS), Beck Mathdogs (Beck Junior High), Art of Problem Failing 2.0 (Boulan Park Middle School), Nugget 1MC (Klondike Middle), Tiger Cubs (SOUTH PASADENA MIDDLE SCHOOL), Like A Boss (Quail Valley Academy), The Happy Fluffy Bunnies (Diamond Middle School), The Art of Problem Trolling (Diamond Middle school), Jordan Team #1 (Jordan Middle School), HCI_MS1 (Hwa Chong Institution), The Coefficients (Takoma Park Middle School)
High School Mixed Teams
  • First Place: Del Martians A (Sunday Math Group) with 30 out of 30 correct.
  • Second Place(tie): RYKERS (Longfellow Middle School), And the winner is...^ (Columbia Math Circle), Colorado Euler 2 (Colorado Math Circle), AZ Dream Team (CCSA) with 29 out of 30 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to Del Martians B (Sunday Math Group), Leaping LizardsOne (Kennedy), ICAE Math IV (ICAE), CHN Dreem Teem (Hwa Chong Institution), MOP Trolls (Hwa Chong Institution), BASIC Homeschools High (BASIC Homeschools), UCT Maths Circle Team A (University of Cape Town Maths Circle), South Carolina Math Team 2 (Columbia Math Circle), Something AAST Something (Bergen County Academies), Colorado Euler 1 (Colorado Math Circle), Steinmetz (Albany Area Math Circle), brilliant detectives (Hwa Chong Institution), soy_sauce (Hwa Chong Institution)
High School 1-1200
  • First Place(tie): Hotchkiss Blue (The Hotchkiss School), One Small Kid (Blue Valley High School), DCDS Fear the Sting (Detroit Country Day School) with 30 out of 30 correct.
  • Fourth Place(tie): Mannes of la Mancha (Hunter College High School), The awesometotes (Harvard-Westlake School) with 29 out of 30 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to TAMS1 (Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science), LEGENDRE (High Technology High School), Daewon Foreign Language High School (Daewon Foreign Language High School), Harker Alpha (The Harker School), Ramen-noogen (Princeton High School), MMMMMs(Mr. Mac's Mighty Math Minions) (Palm Harbor University High IB Program), CNT2012 (Traian National College), Harmony School 3 (Harmony School of Advancement), The Denominators (Albuquerque Academy), SSA-High students (Sonoran Science Academy-NW), Loud Drums, Why Hammer (Hwa Chong Institution), Oldies But Goldies (Robert College of Istanbul), Los Perros del Perro (Club de Mate), Mathema-Turks (Kultur2000 College), Math-ador 2000 (Kultur2000 College)
High School 1201 and up
  • First Place(tie): One Man Army (Bensalem HS), Thomas Jefferson Kevin (TJHSST) with 30 out of 30 correct.
  • Third Place(tie): Thomas Jefferson Saketh (TJHSST), Trotsky's Army (Lynbrook High School), Walton Fluffy Bunnies (Walton High School), YOA (WW-P High School South), Rainbow Dash (Mission San Jose High School) with 29 out of 30 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to Wayzata Gold (Wayzata High School), Scheering Force (Stuyvesant HS), JPS1 (John P. Stevens HS), DES SUPER SAIYANS (WW-P High School South), Ward Melville A (Ward Melville High School), Brookline Red (Brookline High School), Finite Field of Order Six PAHS (Palo Alto High School), Truly Fabulous (Troy High), Iowa City West Needs Moar Scratch Paypuh! (Iowa City West HS), Thomas Jefferson Pooja (TJHSST), Thomas Jefferson Victoria (TJHSST), Ithaca (Ithaca Math Circle), Team Chicken Essence (Lynbrook High School), Beast (Troy High School), Lazy Asian Male Objects (Los Altos High School)