Purple Comet

Purple Comet! Math Meet

Purple Comet! Math Meet

Contest Results

Spring 2009 Results

Middle School Mixed Teams

  • First Place(tie): Philippine Team A (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines), VASS (Longfellow Middle School), All-Asian Social Turndowns (AAST) with 15 out of 15 correct.
  • Fourth Place(tie): Indigo 2 (PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL), Indigo 4 (PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL), Calculators (BASIC Homeschools), Indigo 3 (PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL) with 14 out of 15 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to ICAE Gauss was a Boss (ICAE), ICAE Bananas (ICAE), Eagles Rumble (Heritage Christian School), Brookings Home School (Brookings Home School), MyTJPrep (Multiple schools/MyTJPrep), Segimwony (St Mary School), Archimedes' Successors (Eudaimonia Homeschool Academy), Central Maryland Homeschoolers (Central Maryland Homeschoolers)
Middle School 1-400
  • First Place: Evyap - 2009/6 (Özel Mürüvvet Evyap Koleji) with 15 out of 15 correct.
  • Second Place(tie): 101010 (McAuliffe Middle School), The Cube of Knowledge (The Rhoades School), Raised to Zero (Homeschool), E230A (Avid Academy for Gifted Youth) with 14 out of 15 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to Insert Team Name Here (Detroit Country Day Middle School), Hale Everyone Else (Hale Middle School), Lions Count (ST. MARK'S SCHOOL OF TEXAS), Uni Gargoyles I (University High School), gnewb sauce mcgee (Granville Middle School), Challenge Aurum (Challenge School), E230B (Avid Academy for Gifted Youth), SAA Wildcats (San Antonio Academy), Flying Toaster Birds (Metrolina Regional Scholars' Academy), Awesome Hurricane (University School), Uni Gargoyles II (University High School), MagPi (Portola M.S. Highly Gifted Magnet), MagPi3 (Portola M.S. Highly Gifted Magnet), G210 (Avid Academy for Gifted Youth), Undefined (Metrolina Regional Scholars' Academy), RINO1 (Wheeler School), Atomic City Deuterons (Pinon Elementary School), John Gee Pwns All Team (Stars and Sunshine Academy), Radical Panthers (St. Eugene School), Team #6 (The Barstow School), ETMS Goliath (East Tipp Middle School), panther-8 (Parish Episcopal), Wisconsin Virtual Learning 2 (Wisconsin Virtual Learning Academies), Wu (Dumbarton Middle), APA Patriots (Arendell Parrott Academy), The Amoebas (Hawthorne Elementry), The Sharp Pencils (The Rhoades School), Hale Joel (Hale Middle School), MLG (Friends School of Baltimore), E220C (Avid Academy for Gifted Youth), FANTASTICII (Scoala cu clasele I-VIII nr.5)
Middle School 401 and up
  • First Place(tie): No hablamos ingles! (Jonas Clarke Middle School), Phailures of 5849206328x (Jonas Clarke Middle School), Tiger Cubs (SOUTH PASADENA MIDDLE SCHOOL), Po's vertically challenged (Fort Settlement Middle School), Cosmopolitans (First Colony Middle School), CNTG1 (National College Traian), Artificial Phenomena - BPMS (Boulan Park Middle School), ANDRE DA HUNGRY DONUT (Hunter College High School), Ladue Middle School (Ladue Middle School), Team ^_^ (Longfellow Middle School), Hopkins Jr High (Hopkins Jr High), Carol and the Oompa-loompas (Saint Jude Catholic School) with 15 out of 15 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to Asian Sensation (Guy B Phillips Middle School), CMS epic failure (Cupertino Middle School), YAMANLAR (ÖZEL YAMANLAR ÖZYURT İLKÖĞRETİM OKULU), Excellence-2 (Harmony School of Excellence), TJ Super Solvers (Thomas Jefferson Middle School), JHMS A (Jackson Heights Middle School), Mushroom Kingdom HPMS (Hyde Park Middle School), Philippine Team C (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines), Philippine Team B (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines), New York Trip Mathletes (Diamond Middle School), HM1 (Horace Mann School Middle Division), Nummer Eins (Hwa Chong Institution High School section), Pioneer Panthers (Pioneer Middle School), Boys 1 (Whittier Middle School), Yamanlar2 (ÖZEL YAMANLAR ÖZYURT İLKÖĞRETİM OKULU), YAMANLAR6 (ÖZEL YAMANLAR ÖZYURT İLKÖĞRETİM OKULU), WE ARE THE FALCONS (Overland Trail Middle School), Philippine Team D (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines), Patriots 1 (Southwest Middle School), Girl Power (Jonas Clarke Middle School), McLean Mathletes (W.P. McLean Middle School), Plum Grove Chargers (Plum Grove Junior High/MathTeacher), Doomed (Boulan Park Middle School), Ames 8-1 (Ames Middle School), Team JYNKHY (Longfellow Middle School), Evil Sevies (Longfellow Middle School), Cyber Tigerz (Trickum Middle School), Are you Smarter than a 6th grader? (Jonas Clarke Middle School), Chamblee B (Chamblee Middle School), New Mexico Red or Green (Albuquerque Academy), Timothy's Group (Hwa Chong Institution High School section), Maths Group (Hwa Chong Institution High School section), YAMANLAR3 (ÖZEL YAMANLAR ÖZYURT İLKÖĞRETİM OKULU), The Pink Padres BPMS (Boulan Park Middle School), The Death Pandas (Diamond Middle School), Wolverine Red (Harvard-Westlake School), Laughing Archers (First Colony Middle School), MICDS (MICDS), Seth and the Supremes (Manchester Middle School), Britannia MS (Britannia Secondary School), CMS Brain Trust (Carmichael Middle School), YAMANLAR 5 (ÖZEL YAMANLAR ÖZYURT İLKÖĞRETİM OKULU), Flying Muffcakes (Diamond Middle School), The Athenians (Haycock Elementary School), M.A.T.H. (Hunter College High School), ZESTY ZUCCHINIS (Hunter College High School), HVMS mathletes (Hidden Valley Middle), Wildcat1 (Westminster JHS), BCMS team 1 (Buffalo Hanover Montrose Public Schools), Paradox (Stone Hill Middle School), Keystone (Keystone School ), Sum CRUNK Babyz (McCall Middle School)
High School Mixed Teams
  • First Place(tie): The Virtual Cupcakes (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology), Chesapeake A (Howard Area Homeschoolers/Chesapeake) with 20 out of 25 correct.
  • Third Place: Mathematics is fun (Private individual) with 19 out of 25 correct.
  • Fourth Place: Mathrock (Private Individual) with 17 out of 25 correct.
  • Fifth Place: Radical Extensions (New Mexico Math Team) with 16 out of 25 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to (-(-(-(-(-(-.-)-)-)-)-)-) asian pride (freelance), Team Supreme (Northside College Prep), Supersonicduck (Tom C Clark High School), Hypercubes (BASIC Homeschools), CAMS 2009-2010 (California Academy of Math and Science), Cornerstone Team A (Home school), CMC (Charlotte Mathematics Club), Secta2 (ESTALMAT), Cornerstone Team 1 (Home school), Three 14 Mafia (HS) (Donuts HS), ZH Brothers ()
High School 1-1200
  • First Place: DCDS Yellowjackets (Detroit Country Day School) with 22 out of 25 correct.
  • Second Place(tie): Taft 1 (Taft School), The EverlAASTing DynAASTy (AAST) with 21 out of 25 correct.
  • Fourth Place: AAST Pre-Frosh C (AAST) with 19 out of 25 correct.
  • Fifth Place(tie): Loomis Chaffee (Loomis Chaffee School), Extreme Cosmopolitans (First Colony Middle School), Purple Rocket (Canadian Academy) with 18 out of 25 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to DCDS Blue (Detroit Country Day School), Pseudomonastic Oktastylos (University of Toronto Schools), Revere Minutemen Red (Revere High School), Failure to Differentiate (Maggie Walker Governor's School), Ladue Middle Playing Up (Ladue Middle School), Elliptical Reasoning (Afternoon) (Online High School, EPGY/Stanford University), Comprehensive (Comprehensive Math School), HTML (Whippany Park High School), The Utrecht Math FOB (New Utrecht High School), Self-luminous Gas Bags (New Hyde Park Memorial HS), The Wolverines (Harvard-Westlake School), Vertically challenged maniacs (Fort Settlement Middle School), Gatton Academy (Gatton Academy), Sea over Lamb-da (AAST), Esprit de Corps (AAST), Gauss 'em (Providence Day School), Prince of Persia (The Miami Valley School), Philippine Special Team (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines), The Goal-Oriented Asymptotes (Robert College of Istanbul), 1 1/2 Alexander (Robert College of Istanbul), W35T130R0 (Westborough High School), Gann C (Gann Academy), The Groton School Zebras (Groton School), Team Pi (International School of Kuala Lumpur), Labalov (Robert College of Istanbul), CNTL5 (COLEGIUL NATIONAL TRAIAN), CNTL1 (National College Traian), Willy 1 (Williston Northampton School), Hotchkiss 2 (The Hotchkiss School), Team Ninja Penguin (Rickards High), The Lions (Kent School), Greenhill (Greenhill School)
High School 1201 and up
  • First Place(tie): Cool Kids (hwa chong institution (College)), BUH-BUH-BUH-BOWSER (Palo Alto High School), Draco's Rage (Lynbrook High School) with 22 out of 25 correct.
  • Fourth Place(tie): Confetti (hwa chong institution (College)), Wayzata Gold (Wayzata High School), Phaileyure Academy (Walton High School), Scribble (South Eugene High School) with 21 out of 25 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to TJ 1 (TJHSST), JC Senior (Brooklyn Technical H.S.), Murph & the Magictones (Stuyvesant HS), Alpha (Central High School / Math Teacher), Dihydrogen Monoxide (hwa chong institution (College)), 201-Squared (hwa chong institution (College)), Asian Invasion (Troy High), HaL (TJHSST), More kiddies (Stuyvesant HS), His faithful candy (Buchholz High School), Fairview Knignants (Fairview High School), Great Neck South HS - Discounter (Great Neck South High School), Munchkins (Hunter College High School), Marianopolis Team (Marianopolis College), Spartan1 (Mount Tabor High School), Regent 1 (Madison West High School), Big Daddy Semus (Cherry Hill High School East), PHHS Math Team (Piedmont Hills High School)

Individual team scores and a breakdown of the results can be seen here.

Coaches: Please encourage your teams that scores below 50% are not uncommon. The problems offered in these meets are of the same calibre as those offered in the top national mathematics exams, and can be quite challenging. We are very pleased to see teams performing as well as they have, and we know they will rise to the challenge and perform even better in the meets to come.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated. We look forward to challenging these excellent students again! We have tentatively scheduled our next mathematics meet for Spring 2010 and invite you to compete, to spread the word about the competition to your friends and colleagues, and to send to us your comments about our competition.