Purple Comet

Purple Comet! Math Meet

Purple Comet! Math Meet

Contest Results

Spring 2008 Results

(Corrected to include teams with lost submissions recovered from server logs.)

Middle School Mixed Teams

  • First Place(tie): MTG, Philippines Team A (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines), MTG, Philippines Team C (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines) with 15 out of 15 correct.
  • Third Place(tie): TVMSC Fab Four (Idaho MathCounts Team), Calculators (BASIC Homeschools) with 10 out of 15 correct.
  • Fifth Place(tie): MTG, Philippines Team B (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines), MTG, Philippines Team D (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines) with 9 out of 15 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to Exponents #1 (FLO Homeschool), LaPresa MS Team 2 (LaPresa Middle School), The Death Adders (Mixed), Eudaimonia Academy (Eudaimonia Homeschool Academy)
Middle School 1-400
  • First Place(tie): Team Cobalt (Detroit Country Day Middle School), Superfluous Beings (Valley Catholic School), Raised to Zero (Homeschool) with 10 out of 15 correct.
  • Fourth Place(tie): GENIOUS GROUP (Ö. DARÜSSAFAKA I.O.), Lucky 8 (Beijing World Youth Academy) with 9 out of 15 correct.
  • Sixth Place(tie): Euler Drillers (University School), The Gnewbs (Granville Middle School), Brig (Aci School) with 8 out of 15 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to Phi (Challenge School), Team Chromium (Detroit Country Day Middle School), Patriots 1 (Arendell Parrott Academy), East Tipp (East Tipp Middle School), Uni High (University High School), uoml10c (ULUS OZEL MUSEVI LISESI), UOML10C2 (ULUS OZEL MUSEVI LISESI), NAS-2 (Northwest Academy of Sciences), Panthers (St. Eugene School), Howard Area Homeschoolers (Howard Area Homeschoolers), Mag Pi (Portola M.S. Highly Gifted Magnet), The people who beat the other teams (St. Joseph Catholic School), aSit (Aci School), La-Mi-Bu-Me (Aci School), Algebraics Anonymous (Irwin Altman Middle School 172), Indecisionites (Brookfield Academy), LPCS (Lake Placid Christian School), Team Bismuth (Detroit Country Day Middle School), Banana Boys (Schutz American School), BA24 (Washburn Edison), Advil Liquigels (Washburn Edison), The Cube of Knowledge (The Rhoades School), Team Wolfram (Detroit Country Day Middle School), Hornets (St. Patrick School), Problem Children (Charter Learning Center)
Middle School 401 and up
  • First Place(tie): 8th Graders Allowed (Jonas Clarke Middle School), The really really ridiculously good-looking team (First Colony Middle School) with 14 out of 15 correct.
  • Third Place(tie): INTERRUPTING COWS (Hunter College High School), No 8th Graders Allowed (Jonas Clarke Middle School) with 13 out of 15 correct.
  • Fifth Place(tie): Monday Three (Kennedy), Funky Pineapples of Jordan (JJ Jordan Middle School) with 12 out of 15 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to Penguins of Doom (Boulan Park Middle School), Harvest Park MS #5 (Harvest Park Middle School), Team 3 (Hwa Chong Institution), Teletubies (Fort Settlement Middle School), Monday One (Kennedy), Manchester AA (Manchester Middle), Tetrahedron (Lincoln Middle School), Team 4 (Hwa Chong Institution), McCall 8th Blue (McCall Middle School), Edina SV Wads of Math (South View Middle School), CNTOPT (National College Traian), Tiger Cubs (SOUTH PASADENA MIDDLE SCHOOL), KMS B Team (Kirksville Middle School), Frost Team 6 (Frost Middle School), Monday Two (Kennedy), Mathematical Mermaids (Guy B Phillips Middle School), McCall 7th Silver (McCall Middle School), Purple Sea Monkey's (International School of Beijing), James Fan Club ( Jordan Middle School), Team Science Olympiad (East Middle School), DenOMINATORS (Guy B Phillips Middle School), Ames meh (Ames Middle School), HPMS Panthers 1 (Hyde Park Middle School), TAS A (Taipei American School), Manchester BB (Manchester Middle), Midsummer Night's Dream (Hawthorne Elementry), JHMS1 (Jackson Heights Middle School), MICDS Middle (MICDS), HCI A* Cooperation (Hwa Chong Institution), Team 7 (Hwa Chong Institution), 2M.6ers (Hwa Chong Institution), ASIANS AND 2 CAUCASIANS (Hunter College High School), JHS Math Cats (Westminster JHS), Chamblee Middle (Chamblee Middle School), Shark Bait (First Colony Middle School), Monday Four (Kennedy), Hurricanes (Henry James Middle School), Arbegla Srekal (Camdenton Middle School), Terman Tigresses ( Jordan Middle School), Terman Tasers (Terman Middle School), The Digit Midgets (East Middle School), Tuesday Two (Kennedy), Ithaca Boynton Math Club (Boynton Middle School), Leapfrogs (Guy B Phillips Middle School), Delighfully Clever Smarties (Berry Middle School), LAMCAS (Colegiul National "Gh. Titeica"), Titans (Turkey Hill Middle School), Manchester Epsilon (Manchester Middle), Horace Mann MD A (Horace Mann School Middle Division), JHMS2 (Jackson Heights Middle School), Highland Park Middle School (Highland Park Middle School), PPMS 1 (Pilgrim Park Middle School), Alpha-ICAE (ICAE), Beta-ICAE (ICAE), Team 5 (Hwa Chong Institution), Team 6 (Hwa Chong Institution), UH MA MATH POOCHER HUH? (Hunter College High School), Blue Valley Cardinals (Blue Valley Middle School), The Sly Slopers (Russell Sage Junior High), Captain Crunch (The Scholars' Academy), McCall 7th Red (McCall Middle School), Capitol Hill Avocados (Capitol Hill Magnet School ), Kennedy Middle School #1 (Kennedy Middle School), JAGSSS (International School of Beijing), JLS ( Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School), We Have No Name (East Middle School), 4 Non Blondes and a Guy (Bumpus Middle School), Tuesday One (Kennedy), MSteamone (Parish Episcopal School), The Dead Ones (Stinson Middle School), Math to the Max! (AMCMS), HPMS Panthers 2 (Hyde Park Middle School), Harvest Park MS #3 (Harvest Park Middle School), Harvest Park MS #4 (Harvest Park Middle School), FunkyMonkey (Colegiul National "Gh. Titeica"), Cranbury Pi #1 (Cranbury School), Manchester Zeta (Manchester Middle), Horace Mann MD B (Horace Mann School Middle Division), Altona Mathletes (Altona Middle School), Math N3rds2 (East Middle School), Asian Force 3 and SOP (Hyde Park Middle School), Jack Axis (Trickum Middle School), KMS C Team (Kirksville Middle School), LAYS (Trickum Middle School), Gamma-ICAE (ICAE), RichRay (Taipei American School), TAS B (Taipei American School), Raider (Reynoldsburg High School), Random Number Generators (Stinson Middle School), Flying Air (Hyde Park Middle School), PPMS3 (Pilgrim Park Middle School), Frazers Team (Lincoln Middle School ), Apple Pi 3.14 (Boulan Park Middle School), The Beasts (Boulan Park Middle School), Yellow Team (Boulan Park Middle School), Math Nerds of Wisconsin (Where the cows roam free!) (Lombardi Middle School), pumas 2 (peak to peak ), Jordan Purple Comet Math Team ( Jordan Middle School), We Be Happy (Maybe) (East Middle School), The Eugooglizers (East Middle School), Daisies (Bumpus Middle School), Tuesday Four (Kennedy), ?at More ? (Trickum Middle School), Sami loves ponies (Berry Middle School), Junk Cars Joyful Memories (Berry Middle School), Kellogg Team 2 (Kellogg Middle School), Brainy Bunch (Berry Middle School), Ames yellow bananas (Ames Middle School), TrueChamps (C.N."Gh.Titeica"), We Rock (Taipei American School), Cranbury Pi #2 (Cranbury School), Real Men Do Math (Turkey Hill Middle School), Dwarves and Company (Hyde Park Middle School), Constant Variables (Trickum Middle), Bryant & the Chenlets (East Middle School), Valley7B (Valley Middle School), ?n trees (D. C. Everest Jr. High), HVMS (Hidden Valley Middle), Plum Grove Mathaletes (Plum Grove Junior High/MathTeacher), PPMS 2 (Pilgrim Park Middle School), Jabbawockieez (Fort Settlement Middle School), New Mexico Red or Green (Albuquerque Academy), dragons (Hong Kong International School), Tippit Tambourines (Tippit Middle School / Teacher), Tippit Tarantulas (Tippit Middle School / Teacher), Tippit Troublemakers (Tippit Middle School / Teacher), Team Idiots (MS 67), tHE ORANGE ASTEROIDS (fORT sETTLEEMNT Middle School), Power Rangers Mystic Force (Fort Settlement Middle School), Reality Pwners (First Colony Middle School), The Rageing Radicands (Russell Sage Junior High)
High School Mixed Teams
  • First Place: Howard Area Homeschoolers/Chesapeake (Howard Area Homeschoolers/Chesapeake) with 21 out of 25 correct.
  • Second Place: New Mexico Red (New Mexico Math Team) with 17 out of 25 correct.
  • Third Place: m4th 1337s (N/A) with 14 out of 25 correct.
  • Fourth Place: green (Hunter College High School) with 13 out of 25 correct.
  • Fifth Place(tie): TEAM BB (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines), MSMS A-team (Mississippi School for Math and Science), three 6 mafia (Cinco Ranch HS) with 12 out of 25 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to Mathmagicians (Austin Area Home schoolers), Team of 2: Trial and Error (Home school), Western Mass ARML Westborough Team (Western Mass ARML ), Just 4 Laffs (Frederick County, Maryland), Team A (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines), Hypercubes (BASIC Homeschools), red (Hunter College High School), Team Asterisk (Mathematics Trainers Guild Philippines)
High School 1-1200
  • First Place: DCDS Yellowjackets (Detroit Country Day School) with 24 out of 25 correct.
  • Second Place(tie): New Mexico Royal Flush (Albuquerque Academy), Pelicans (Loomis Chaffee School) with 19 out of 25 correct.
  • Fourth Place: Red Rhinos (Taft School) with 17 out of 25 correct.
  • Fifth Place(tie): Wheeler School (Wheeler School), Amazons (Taft School), Pillsbury Doh! boys and girls (Weston High School), DCDS Blue (Detroit Country Day School) with 16 out of 25 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to Kick Asymptote (Ramaz Upper School), Hotchkiss 1 (The Hotchkiss School), DW (DW Math Circle), Islander (Island School, Hong Kong), The Goal-Oriented Asymptotes (Robert College of Istanbul), KENTAIME (Kent School), Mass Academy (Mass Academy of Math and Science), Team Storm (Mercersburg Academy), Howard Area Homeschoolers B (Howard Area Homeschoolers), Revere Minutemen (Revere High School), Montini Broncos (Montini Catholic High School), Bismarck (Robert College of Istanbul), Problems per Second (Robert College of Istanbul), CAMS A (California Academy of Math and Science), RC Golden Five (Robert College of Istanbul), Hershey (Hershey High School), Conserve Steelers (Conserve School), DCDS Gold (Detroit Country Day School), Kent3 (Kent School), Delta-ICAE (ICAE), NAS-1 (Northwest Academy of Sciences), CNTL1 (National College Traian), MBA BIG RED (Montgomery Bell Academy), New Mexico Red and Black (Albuquerque Academy), The Quaternions (Gann Academy), TDChristian Math Flex Falcons (Toronto District Christian High School), Fighting Terrapins (MATES), Milk (Santa Cruz High School), U571 (Robert College of Istanbul), We can has Chuck Norris (Hellgate High School), Orioles 1 (Stanley-Boyd High School), Kent2 (Kent School), thursday night gang (Noble and Greenough School), TALONS (Gleneagle Secondary School), Killari (Hamilton), Brainshake (Robert College of Istanbul), Teletubies 2 (Fort Settlement Middle School), Team Ninja Penguin (Rickards High), CNTL2 (National College Traian), Calculus Crew (East Stroudsburgh High School North), Great Neck North Blazers (Great Neck North High School), BR Dream Team (Black River Public School), Ladue Math Team (Ladue Horton Watkins High School), Math Cats (The Westminster Schools), The Clavicles (Convent of the Sacred Heart), SVA Math RULES! (Shenandoah Valley Academy), USTeam (Parish Episcopal School), Revere Red, White, & Blue (Revere High School), Bitse de Gitsek (Robert College of Istanbul), Sleepy Eye Indians #1 (Sleepy Eye High School), The Other White and Nerdy Team (Hellgate High School), Revere Patriots (Revere High School), Dirty Birds (Lima Central Catholic High School), Team Mountaineers (Noble and Greenough School), BHS Beavers (Bluefield High School), QUOWDUPSOESA (Wilmington Area High School), Liopleurodons (The Miami Valley School), Lolcatz (The Miami Valley School), Nacel Math Club (Nacel International School), Canton Area Seniors (Canton Area High School), TOSUN+ (Robert College of Istanbul), FÖDÖD (Robert College of Istanbul), Kung Pao Waffles (Morristown-Beard School), Purple People Eaters (St. Peter-Marian High SChool), N/A cortez (Anacortes High School), CAMS Omicron (California Academy of Math and Science), Math Busters (The Miami Valley School)
High School 1201 and up
  • First Place: TJHSST RB (Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology) with 22 out of 25 correct.
  • Second Place: TJHSST KYL (Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology) with 21 out of 25 correct.
  • Third Place(tie): blue (Hunter College High School), TJHSST SR (Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology) with 20 out of 25 correct.
  • Fifth Place(tie): The Purple Cows (Steven Colbert), HC17C (hwa chong institution (College)), Shaggy Tech (Brooklyn Technical H.S.), Buchholz B (Buchholz High School), Paly Covenant (Palo Alto High School), TJHSST JW (Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology) with 19 out of 25 correct.
  • Honorable mentions go to Beauty and Beast (hwa chong institution (College)), The Realy Ridiculously Good-Looking Team (First Colony Middle School), QQLLGW (Hwa Chong Institution), Central Geezers (Central High School / Math Teacher), Pi Lovers (White Station High School), Walton Red (Walton High School), HC9C (hwa chong institution (College)), NA Tigers (North Allegheny Senior High School), Super Genius Mathematician Spies (Edwardsville High School), Team B (Henderson High School), Little Fuzzy Bunnies (Sycamore High School), Vladivostok Ventriloquists (Lubbock High School), Buchholz A (Buchholz High School), HC3C (hwa chong institution (College)), Regent #2 (Madison West High School), TJHSST AK (Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology), Mad Mem (James Madison Memorial High School), Monta Vista A (Monta Vista High School), Top 6K Cubers (hwa chong institution (College)), HC19C (hwa chong institution (College)), 4 plus 1 stars (Hwa Chong Institution), Central Fresh (Central High School / Math Teacher), Spartans (Mount Tabor High School), Prudent (Hwa Chong Institution), GNS Beasts (Great Neck South High School), Lassiter (Lassiter High School), HL fauna (Myers Park High School), Sycamore 3 (Sycamore High School), HC2C (hwa chong institution (College)), Whatever (hwa chong institution (College)), HC6C (hwa chong institution (College)), YES (Acalanes High School), Gather here 2008 (Hwa Chong Institution), d Optimus/dx (Reynoldsburg High School), TJ Team Freshmen (Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology), Sandra Day O'Connor Varsity (Sanda Day O'Connor), Flo Mo #1 (Flower Mound High School), Slack Alum 07 (Henry M. Gunn High School), Beep Beep I'm a Jeep (Bayard Rustin HS), Crimson (Maple Grove Senior High), Yellow Submarine (International School of Beijing), SC ROX (hwa chong institution (College)), Athens Alpha (Troy Athens High School), grayson rams (Grayson High), HC5C (hwa chong institution (College)), Hwa Chong SMTP1 (Hwa Chong Institution), East High School (East High School), Big Two (International School of Beijing), Gender Equality (International School of Beijing), cougars (Hazleton Area High School), Air Raid (John Jay HS), Athens Epsilon (Troy Athens High School), MN Mathletes (Marple Newtown High School), LS team1 (Lincoln-Sudbury Regional HS), Walter Murray (Walter Murray), Regent #1 (Madison West High School), Team 1 (Hwa Chong Institution), J.C. Junior Tech (Brooklyn Technical H.S.), Tabor (Mount Tabor High School), B - Nine (Cypress Creek High School), Brentwood High (Brentwood High School), Washburn Rural Junior Blues (Washburn Rural High School), Mr. Wonderful's Magnificent 6 (Agoura High School), Zombie Bunnies (Kamiak), Mathemagicians (Edwardsville High School), Équipe C (Collège Édouard-Montpetit), Not Found (Garland High School), Seniors 08 (paul d schreiber high school), Norcross Blue (Norcross High School), Sycamore 2 (Sycamore 1), Noetherian Ring (Walt Whitman High School), WJ Mathletes (Walter Johnson High School), Sandy Creek B Team (Sandy Creek High School), sudden attack (Kamiak), Shark Bait 2 (First Colony Middle School), HC15C (hwa chong institution (College)), Stoney Creek (Stoney Creek High School), XWLLLRopke (Sheepshead Bay High School), Aberration (Diamond Bar High School), Repeating Decimals (International School of Beijing), Acalanes Quintet (Acalanes High School), Athens Gamma (Troy Athens High School), Weise That? (Cypress Creek High School), Hiieeeyaaaaaaaah!!! (Cypress Creek High School), HC13C (hwa chong institution (College)), Poptarts (Edwardsville High School), infinityplusone (Parkersburg High School), Fangs (Mountain View HS), Awesome Tigers (Little Rock Central High), Manchester A (Manchester Middle), Ditched By Teddie (paul d schreiber high school), Totally Irrational (International School of Beijing), Transcendentals (International School of Beijing), Beefmeisters (International School of Beijing), Emmaus High School Team 1 (Emmaus High School), Monta Vista B (Monta Vista High School), Big Dog 1 (Sheldon High School), HC7C (hwa chong institution (College)), Athens Beta (Troy Athens High School), Team George Lozez 12321 (Lee's Summit North High School), OMEGHA (Cypress Creek High School), Flying Cougars (Coronado High/Math Teacher), HC4C (hwa chong institution (College)), HC8C (hwa chong institution (College)), HC12C (hwa chong institution (College)), Rabid Mongooses (Edwardsville High School), BTHS Frosh (brooklyn technical high school), The Black Mambas (spring lake park sr high), Central 9 (Little Rock Central High)

Individual team scores and a breakdown of the results can be seen here.

Coaches: Please encourage your teams that scores below 50% are not uncommon. The problems offered in these meets are of the same calibre as those offered in the top national mathematics exams, and can be quite challenging. We are very pleased to see teams performing as well as they have, and we know they will rise to the challenge and perform even better in the meets to come.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated. We look forward to challenging these excellent students again! We have tentatively scheduled our next mathematics meet for Spring 2009 and invite you to compete, to spread the word about the competition to your friends and colleagues, and to send to us your comments about our competition.