Purple Comet

Purple Comet! Math Meet

Purple Comet! Math Meet

Contest Results

Spring 2006 Results

High School, 1201 students and larger

  • First Place: HCI Magic Team (Hwa Chong Institution), with 24 out of 25 correct
  • Second Place (tie): Great Neck South HS Stressed (Great Neck South High School) and Henderson Platypus (Henderson High School), with 20 out of 25 correct
  • Fourth Place: White Station (White Station High School), with 19 out of 25 correct
  • Fifth Place (tie): HCI hero (Hwa Chong Institution) and Sandra Day O'Connor Varsity (Sandra Day O'Connor High School), with 18 out of 25 correct
  • Honorable mentions go to Garfield Math (Garfield High School), Slippery Long Haired Hobos (Madison West High School), LSRHS1 (Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School), Mathadors (Monta Vista High School), Bulldogs (Winston Churchill High School),

    High School, 1-1200 students

  • First Place (tie): Greenhill Gold (Greenhill School) and Ramakrishnamurthi (ICAE), with 19 out of 25 correct
  • Third Place (tie): DCDS Blue (Detroit Country Day School), e to the i pi (Island School), and Red Rhinos (Taft School), with 17 out of 25 correct
  • Sixth Place: UCMST (Utica School for Mathematics Science and Technology), with 16 out of 25 correct
  • Honorable mentions go to ESA (Episcopal School of Acadiana) Mor Kuyruklu Yildiz (Robert College) DCDS Gold (Detroit Country Day School) The Team (Hwa Chong Institution College) Howard Area Homeschoolers A (Howard Area Homeschoolers), DCDS Yellowjackets (Detroit Country Day School), MSMS (Mississippi School for Math and Science), Nobles 2 (Noble and Greenough), Kent C (Kent School), Eastlake1 (Eastlake high school), Tatnall Hornets (Tatnall School), Liverpool Mathletes (Culver Academies)

    High School, mixed teams

  • First Place: Harry's nerds (James Madison Memorial High School), with 18 out of 25 correct
  • Second Place (tie): Hilbert Club (University of New Mexico) and MTG High School Team (MTG of the Philippines), with 12 out of 25 correct
  • Fourth Place (tie): L'Hopital's Legionaires (Central Academy) and Hungry USAMO Rejects (Shukri Khan), with 11 out of 25 correct

    Middle School, 1201 students and larger

  • First Place (tie): The Stacked Squares (Trickum Middle School), Assumed (Trickum Middle), Math Mobsters (Trickum Middle), Manchester A (Manchester Middle) and Manchester Z (Manchester Middle School), with 6 out of 15 correct

    Middle School, 1-1200 students

  • First Place: South Pasadena Tigers (South Pasadena Middle School), with 14 out of 15 correct
  • Second Place (tie): Dodgers (ICAE) and EGGS (Kennedy Jr. High), with 13 out of 15 correct
  • Fourth Place (tie): Norman Whitter Middle School (Whitter Middle School), DCDS Middle One (Detroit Country Day Middle School), Mirmanites (Mirman School), CMS Tigers (Carson Middle School), two plus two equals five (Kellogg Middle School) and Wayzata East Gold (Wayzata East Middle School), with 12 out of 15 correct
  • Honorable mentions go to The Regulars (Jackson Heights Middle School), Warriors (Doerre Intermediate School), Disordered Irrationals (The Davis Academy), Cardinals (Sandy Run Middle School), Asian Invasion (ICAE), Ames 1 (Ames Middle School), Weston Fralump (Weston Middle School), Pistons (ICAE), 8th Grade A (The Nueva School), Panthers (Kennedy Jr. High), US Hurricane (University School), The Canadian Muskrats (Velma Hamilton Middle School), Northern Dragons (International School Beijing Middle School), SMES1 (St. Margaret's Episcopal School), CHOICE Home School (CHOICE Home School)

    Middle School, mixed teams

  • First Place (tie): MTG Middle School Team (MTG of the Philippines) and jedglics (jackhoovsanprep), with 12 out of 15 correct
  • Third Place: Team Bravo (CHECC -Christian Home Educators of Contra Costa), with 10 out of 15 correct
  • Fourth Place (tie): BASIC Homeschools (Burks) and Morgan Hill Men (American Institute of Mathematics), with 9 out of 15 correct

    Individual team scores and a breakdown of the results can be seen here.

    Coaches: Please encourage your teams that scores below 10 are not uncommon. The problems offered in these meets are of the same calibre as those offered in the top national mathematics exams, and can be quite challenging. We are very pleased to see teams performing as well as they have, and we know they will rise to the challenge and perform even better in the meets to come.

    Congratulations to all the teams that participated. We look forward to challenging these excellent students again! We have tentatively scheduled our next mathematics meet for sping 2007 and invite you to compete, to spread the word about the competition to your friends and colleagues, and to send to us your comments about our competition.